Cash Management


The Office of Treasury Services (OTS) is responsible for cash management at the University, which includes cash funding and forecasting, managing financial service provider relationships, bank accounts, special transactions, and treasury consulting.

  • Bank Funding and Forecasting: Each day, the Office of Treasury Services (OTS) prepares a forecast of receipts, disbursements and balances.  These projections are carried forward on a daily basis, providing OTS with the management tool needed to ensure excess balances are invested appropriately and any short-term borrowing for operational needs is executed and maintained at optimal levels.
  • Manage Financial Service Provider Relationships: The OTS is the primary University contact with financial service providers and the products and services they offer.

Some examples include:

* Campus branch in LaFortune Student Center

* ATM’s throughout campus

* Banks that provide payment cards (travel card, purchasing card, affinity card)

* Credit card processing

* Brink’s Armored courier services

* Most efficient deposit and payment processes

  • Manage Bank Accounts: Please see University Bank Accounts
  • Special Transactions: OTS works closely with Payment Services and campus departments to accommodate special transactions such as foreign payments or handle expedited payments. OTS works with departments to liquidate donated items (gold, silver, stamps, coins etc.) so the proceeds can be used to further the mission of the University.
  • Treasury Consulting: OTS assists departments in analyzing their receipts and disbursements to ensure that the most efficient processes are in place to provide convenience to their customers, efficient workflow to the department staff, Accounting & Financial Services and to the University.