Campus Banking and ATM Map

University Banking

University transactions such as student account payments, department deposits and obtaining event cash can be conducted at the 1st Source LaFortune branch.  Contact 1st Source bank directly for more information:  574-631-1010.

Exchanging large bills for small bills? Read more on the Cash Compliance at Financial Institutions.

Campus ATM's

The following financial institutions have ATM’s on campus:  1st Source Bank, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and ND Federal Credit Union.  Check out our ND Mobile App: for campus ATM locations.

Employee & Student Banking

The University does not endorse a preferred financial institution and encourages employees and students to select the institution that best meets their personal banking needs. For those employed at Notre Dame, payroll is disbursed by direct deposit to an account at any financial institution within the United States.

Students can maintain accounts at their hometown bank and access balances and deposit or withdrawal funds through devices and services supported by that financial institution, which can be a website, mobile app, or ATM/debit cards. See "University Banking" and "Campus ATM's" above for on-campus banking options.

There are three on-campus/Eddy Street options that provide consumer banking services: 1st Source Bank, located on the lower level of LaFortune Student Center, ND Federal Credit Union, located on the corner of Moreau Dr. and St. Joseph Dr. on the north side of campus and  Old National Bank, located at Eddy Street Commons on the corner of N. Eddy Street and Napoleon Street. None of these financial institutions are affiliated with the university, yet all provide convenient locations.

Banking Tips:

  • Ask your bank to waive or reimburse ATM fees when you use a machine other than theirs
  • Take a few minutes to outline how to manage your money and think about your banking preferences such as location of ATMs, access to a personal banker, and what technology you are comfortable using, so you can make an informed decision on selecting the right bank for you
  • If traveling overseas, select a credit card that does not charge fees for international transactions:

International Students

International students who wish to open a bank account in the US while studying here should consider how their account will be funded, the expenses they will pay from the US account and the method those payments will be made (check, ACH, wire, etc.). If students expect to receive money from parents or relatives from their home country, the student should ask their US bank about incoming wire fees and amount of time before funds received via wire transfer will be available for the student. Conducting online research on the services and fees with financial institutions and meeting with a banker to discuss your questions will be helpful to select the right bank and services needed.  For convenience, consider the campus banks listed above under Employee & Student Banking.

Student Payments

Students and parents make student account payments through IRISHPAY, the e-billing and e-payment system and at 1st Source Bank on campus.  Go to to learn more about making student account payments.

Student Club/Organization Deposits

Students treasurers for clubs and campus organizations should work with Student Activities, 315 LaFortune, when making deposits, get necessary deposit supplies and receive banking instructions for their organization.  Also check out: