Director's and Officer's and Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The University maintains an Educator's Legal Liability insurance policy which includes coverage for:

(A)  Directors and Officers, or the University, where it has indemnified the Directors and Officers, for wrongful acts in the administration of University or subsidiary affairs.

(B) Educator's Professional Liability

(C)  Outside Directorships if held within the scope of University duties and on behalf of non-profit organizations. For-profit organizations must be scheduled.                                     

Wrongful Acts include, but are not limited to, Discrimination (violation of a person’s civil rights); Sexual Harassment; Wrongful employment practices; Educational malpractice or failure to educate; Infringement of copyright or trademark; Plagiarism or idea misappropriation; Libel or slander; False Arrest; Wrongful Detention or Malicious Prosecution; Misstatement or misleading statement in books, newspapers, radio, TV, etc.; Failure to grant due process.

Questions regarding the University's Director's and Officer's and Employment Practices Liability Insurance program should be directed to Insurance and Financial Risk :