Travel Accident Insurance

Travel Accident Insurance is automatically provided for all faculty and staff members traveling on the business of the University.  Coverage is also provided for the spouse and dependent children of employees traveling on behalf of the University; additional information is provided in the table below:


University Travel Accident Insurance

For Faculty and Staff (AIG Insurance Company)


Persons Covered

All active employees of the University; their spouses and dependent children

Coverage Delivery

Coverage provided automatically by the University for eligible employees

Defined Coverage

Travel Accident insurance provides a schedule of benefits for:

▪ accidental death & dismemberment

▪ emergency medical evacuation

▪ security evacuation

▪ repatriation of remains

*Coverage is not provided for medical or mental health care or related costs.  These costs should be covered by the individual's health insurance policy.  

Coverage Applicable

While employee (and their respective spouse and dependent children) are traveling on behalf of the University plus 7 days sojourn on either end of travel.  Coverage is effective once the employee is more than 100 miles from their permanent employment location and is effective up to 180 continuous days of travel. 

Medical/Mental Health Provider Care

Travel accident insurance does not provide coverage for illness, routine or preventive care.  Coverage for the cost of medical care for injuries sustained in an accident is limited  to $5,000 and provided on an excess of any other health insurance basis; all other personal insurance must provide coverage on a primary basis.  Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains are covered if there is a sudden and unexpected illness or injury requiring medical or special transport. 

Assistance Services


See further explanation

Excluded Countries/

Coverage is subject to OFAC regulations.  If travel is contemplated in any region where restrictions apply, Insurance and Financial Risk ( should be contacted 30 days prior to travel. 

Claim or Assistance Contact

Toll Free (877) 244-6871 or International Collect (715) 346-0859

Travel Assistance Services

Assistance Services are offered through AIG by calling the provided toll free number (877) 244-6871 or international collect (715) 346-0859. As the name implies, these are services provided by the insurance company to their clients. However, any cost arising from the subsequent provision of a third party service or product is not covered by the insurance. For example, if your passport is stolen, you may call for assistance and the provider will advise how to replace it; the cost of replacing the document is not covered by the insurance. 

The cost of subsequent third party services for cases requiring emergency medical evacuation, security evacuation, or repatriation of remains is covered by the insurance policy. However, the insurance company must be notified and pre-approve all care and transport. 

Web-based Resources

AIG also provides web-based safety and security resources. These resources may be accessed:  

University Insurance Policy Code:  9113229

Personal Property

Coverage is not provided for the personal property of faculty or staff, regardless of use or location at the time of loss. 

Questions regarding the University's Travel Accident Policy for Faculty and Staff should be directed to Insurance and Financial Risk: