Travel Accident Insurance

The University provides automatic Travel Accident Insurance coverage for faculty and staff members traveling abroad on University business.   The policy extends coverage to spouses and dependent children (if Department approved for travel).  Subject to terms, limits and conditions, coverage is included for accidental death and dismemberment, emergency medical evacuation and security evacuation.  All evacuations must be coordinated by the insurance assistance carrier.  

Medical insurance is not included; questions concerning medical benefits for faculty and staff traveling abroad should be directed to Human Resources.  

Faculty and staff should register their international travel with Notre Dame International (NDI).  NDI will provide safety and security information specific to travel plans.  In addition, through the registration process, travelers are connected with International SOS; the University's partner in health and safety abroad.  ISOS will provide pre-departure information, as well as continued alerts and travel assistance to help safeguard your health and safety while traveling.   


Questions concerning the University's Travel Accident policy of insurance may be directed to Insurance and Financial Risk: