Notre Dame (Alumni) Clubs

Insurance and Financial Risk provides leadership, resources, and services to the University in order to mitigate, transfer or eliminate, whenever possible, risk that might lead to injury to students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors or damage to property. 

Insurance and self-insurance coverage is provided to individual Notre Dame Clubs that are provided status under the tax exemption held by the Association of Notre Dame Clubs, Inc. Clubs that are separately incorporated and maintain independent Federal Tax Filings (the Notre Dame Club of Chicago) are not afforded coverage under the “umbrella” of insurance. 

Specific information regarding insurance and self-insurance coverage, in addition to risk management resources for Notre Dame Clubs are outlined in the Notre Dame Club Manual.

Certificates of insurance, as may be required by event venues, are issued and maintained by Insurance and Financial Risk. In order to obtain a Certificate of Insurance, the Certificate of Insurance Request Form shall be completed and sent to Insurance and Financial Risk  Management.  

Once insurance requirements are reviewed and accepted, the appropriate paperwork will be scanned back to the requesting individual.

Questions regarding the insurance and financial risk services afforded Notre Dame Clubs should be directed to Insurance and Financial Risk: