Domestic Travel

Vehicle Rental

Transportation Services makes a variety of rental vehicles available for University travel.  Requests for vehicles may be made through the Vehicle Registration System.  

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicles rented through Transportation Services or independently on University business are provided insurance protection under the University's insurance program.  

Within the USA, physical damage insurance (sometimes referred to as CDW or LDW), personal accident insurance, and liability insurance should be declined; if elected, such insurance is not reimbursable. 

Personal vehicles, regardless of use, are not afforded insurance coverage.  Faculty, staff and students using personal vehicles on behalf of the University should consult with their personal insurance professional prior to the vehicle use.  

The Car Rental Insurance policy is outlined in the University of Notre Dame Travel Policy

Driver Training 

Driver training is available through Transportation Services.  Classes are available by appointment.   

Reporting an Automobile Accident

The University's Incident Reporting and Management Program provides the processes and tools for reporting automobile accidents or claims.  In order to report an incident, please use this link.  

Emergency Assistance while Traveling on University Business

Notre Dame Police Department (574) 631-5555

When calling for assistance, please provide:

  • Your name
  • Return contact information
  • Country(if applicable) and UND organization hosting your travel
  • Name(s) of persons involved in the emergency
  • Description of emergency
  • Actions taken
  • Assistance needed


Questions regarding Domestic Travel may be directed to Insurance and Financial Risk Management: