International Travel

Notre Dame International supports the health, safety and security of all Notre Dame international travelers.  Notre Dame International offers pre-planning, registration, expert and assistance services, in addition to 24/7 crisis support.  

All student (including graduate) international travel must be registered and supported by Notre Dame International.  It is highly recommended that faculty and staff register their travel with NDI and avail themselves of the services and resources offered.  

Vehicle Insurance

There are insurance compliance requirements mandated on a country-by-country basis for the use of vehicles outside the USA.  When renting a vehicle abroad, physical damage for the vehicle, personal accident and third party liability insurance must be purchased from a vehicle rental agency.  Cost for this insurance purchase is reimbursable under the University's Travel Policy.  

Personal or borrowed vehicles, regardless of use, are not afforded insurance coverage.  Faculty and staff using personal or borrowed vehicles on behalf of the University should consult with their personal insurance professional prior to the vehicle use.  

Health Insurance 

When planning a trip abroad, it is recommended that faculty and staff check with Human Resources to determine the benefits provided under  the University's  Health Insurance plans.   

Notre Dame International will assist students who register their travel with enrollment into the University's international student travel insurance program.  


Questions regarding International Travel may be directed to Insurance and Financial Risk: