Cash-to-Card Kiosks and ATM Locations

Campus Cash-to-Card Kiosks

The campus cash-to-card kiosks allow you to insert cash with a minimum of $20, up to $500 with no fees. Kiosks are usable wherever Visa is accepted–both on and off campus. Receipts are provided by text message.

Please note: The initial note must be a $20 bill or of a higher denomination. Subsequent notes can be of any denomination.

For issues with a kiosk, please email the Cash Management team at

Kiosk Locations

Kiosks can be found at the following locations:

  • Duncan Student Center, 1st floor by ATMs and elevators
  • LaFortune Student Center, lower level near ATMs

ATM Locations

ATMs for 1st Source Bank, Credit Union 1, ND Federal Credit Union, and Old National Bank can be found at the following locations on or near campus:

  • 1st Source Bank: ATM Bookstore, Duncan and LaFortune Student Centers, and the Morris Inn
  • Credit Union 1: LaFortune Student Center and Gate 10 of the Joyce Center
  • ND Federal Credit Union: Duncan Student Center and NDFCU Branch, located on the corner of Moreau Dr. and St. Joseph Dr. on the north side of campus
  • Old National Bank, located at Eddy Street Commons on the corner of N. Eddy Street and Napoleon Street