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Many of us are working from home now until operations return to normal.  If your department regularly receives checks in the mail, please make sure to contact Mail Distribution at 631-6274 to arrange for mail pickup until the University returns to normal operation.  If you have any deposits to make here are your current options: 1)  For departments that typically deposit at the 1st Source LaFortune Banking Center, LaFortune Student Center is CLOSED and deposits cannot be made at this location.   2) You can prepare your deposit in the same manner you usually do and take it to any 1st Source Bank branch and deposit at the drive up lanes or night deposit. Hours and locations can be found here.  The 1st Source 'Maple Lane' branch located on the corner of 23 / Ironwood is the recommended location.  3)  If you do not have high dollar deposits, please lock them up in your office and be sure they are secure until things return to 'normal'. Your deposit team in the Finance Division is available by email or phone to answer your questions. Thank you all for your patience during this unique time.


The Office of Treasury Services (OTS) supports the University's mission by providing financial advisory support and financial products and services to campus.

Treasury Services handles:

The overall goal of Treasury Services is to maximize economic value to assist in making a Notre Dame education affordable for current and future generations.